Oracle JInitiator Download Page

This page will allow you to download and install Oracle JInitiator

Click on the download link below and save the file named jinit.exe to your filesystem.

When the download finishes you can install Oracle JInitiator by locating the file using the Windows Explorer and double-clicking on it to start the installation process.

When the installation process has finished, exit your browser and restart it. Return to the initial application starting page and the browser will then load Oracle JInitiator and start your Oracle Developer application.

Download Oracle JInitiator

System Requirements

Oracle JInitiator supports the following browser and OS configurations:


Internet Explorer 5.5*

Internet Explorer 6.0*

Netscape Navigator 4.7.x**

Windows NT


Windows 2000 


Windows XP 



* Although JInitiator is certified on Internet Explorer 5.5/6.0. It is in noway imply that other Oracle Java applications are certified to run on Internet Explorer. Please consult corresponding documentation from for supported browsers.

** Oracle JInitiator has been shown (by both internal testing and the absence of any customer reported issues) not to be sensitive to any particular version of Netscape 4.7.x. It is therefore certified for use against all versions from 4.7.x onwards. Currently we test Oracle JInitiator on Netscape 4.78 and will continue to install and test against the latest version of Netscape 4.7.x .

For more information regarding certifications please refer to the Client Platform Support, Statement of Directions available on OTN (

Other minimum system requirements for Oracle JInitiator are:

Pentium 166 MHz or better processor
70 MB free hard disk space before installing
32-48 MB system RAM minimum for running Oracle Forms applications


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